Intensive National 5 Maths Revision Course

Guarantee Your Grade in May 2018


Zuohan Ding

Experienced Maths Tutor

Zuohan Ding is a maths tutor with an international reputation. His highly-successful Asian-style tutoring programme is guaranteed to move your Nat5 Maths up at least one grade.

How does he do it? Each student goes through 4 phases.

The problem

  • Your organisation trains its staff but it’s hard to know where the training is most effective.
  • Do you train everyone in everything even though some staff will have been trained in those skills elsewhere? How do you know if you are delivering the right training to the right people?
  • And have you asked your workforce if they have skills from other jobs or activities outside work which may be relevant to their current or future roles?
  • Can you be sure your staff are learning and developing, or are they just training for the sake of training?

The Solution

Tutornet makes it easy to assess learning and to certify the achievements of any member of staff. Here’s how.

  • Assess and record the learning which comes from training courses.
  • Assess and record the learning which happens on the job.
  • Include experiential learning and learning validated outside your organisation to give a complete picture of someone’s abilities and future needs.
  • Then tutor your staff by guiding them through the training options available and validate their learning once they put it into practice.

The outcome

Once you know the skills your people already have, and those skills have been certified by their tutors, then you can better establish the training needs of your organisation.

Training courses can be used to address gaps in skills both in individuals and across your organisation. Vacancies can be filled by people whose skills match the role rather than where they have worked previously. Individuals can develop their careers by using all their skills in the right roles for their abilities. And your organisation makes better use of its most valuable asset.

Over time, all companies will see the sense in this, and Tutornet will become the standard for holding and verifying education and training achievements.

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