The 2018 National 5 Maths Revision course can be started on any Saturday in March. The next session starts on Saturday 31 March.

Phase One is an introductory session which lasts from 0930 to 1600. This can be split into two parts, if timing is an issue, with the assessment part taken at a later date. The outcome is a clear understanding of what the exam contains and your expected grade in the final exam. There is no obligation to takes Phases Two and Three but if you want to guarantee your grade in May then we thoroughly recommend them.

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Phase One:

Phase Two:
Gearing Up

Phase Three:
Laser Treatment

How far are you from your expected grade in Nat5?

Saturdays in March at the Eric Liddell Centre, 15 Morningside Road EH10 4DP

9.15-9.30am Registration
9.30am-12pm Introductory Session
12-1pm Lunch
1-4pm Assessment

Getting you moving towards Nat5 Maths success

Crash course of National 5 syllabus. 18 chapters at 90 minutes per chapter

Groups of up to 12 students graded by ability will work with a dedicated tutor to go through the entire syllabus in 27 hours.

Further assessments

Lasering away imperfections to move you up a grade

6 sessions of 90 minutes to cover all 18 chapters of the Nat 5 course in clinics of 10 students

Conceptual breakdown – all possible question varieties analysed

3 Further modular assessments and analysis

Mock Papers and walkthrough

Study Time = 5.5 hours 27 hours 27 hours




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Book all three Phases at once for £900