Phase 1: Starting with the end in mind

Phase 1: Starting with the end in mind is one of the seven habits of effective people. However knowing your starting point is essential – just like how your Uber or taxi needs your pickup location. It is only then we are able to plan the best route to reach your destination.
The learning outcomes of the Nat 4 and Nat 5 syllabuses are signposts of the distance you are from your desired grade. Having an overview of the questions by year provides information for your expectations to be delivered in the swiftest way possible – whether to focus on common questions for a pass or on rarer questions for a perfect score.
Students at a similar learning point will be grouped together by our assessments which provides the exact coordinates of where they are. They would also be shown how to do each and every question of the assessment, common mistakes students have made and how to avoid them. From there, we can proceed to the motorway – Phase 2